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Come and See Hydro-Optic UV at the International Dairy Show - Booth 7667


Atlantium Hydro-Optic UV Guarantees Safe Water Without Heat or Chemicals! 
It is validated to FDA PMO and FSMA criteria for pasteurized equivalent water, COW water, reuse criteria, as well as coliform-free water. 

Make sure you don't spread the salmonella, listeria or pseudomonas that want to ruin your food-safety record.

Remember: FSMA makes YOU responsible for PREVENTING contamination of your product – and new EPA rules (RTCR) mean you won't know your water's unsafe until it's too late!


For free entry to the event, link to the Dairy Show Registration page and use the Atlantium VIP complimentary code ATLA1573A3

Don't miss the presentation "What Do the New EPA Municipal Water Rules Mean to Dairies?" by Phyllis Posy, Atlantium's VP Regulatory Affairs, on September 16th 3-4pm, Classroom 1 (booth 9146).      

To set a meeting
 to find out how we can help you meet latest PMO and FSMA water safety rules with significant savings of energy and water, send us your details and we'll contact you to set up a meeting.       

Let's meet at PowerGen Europe!

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