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For Industrial Raw Water, Cooling Water, Boiler Feedwater and Make-up Water

Atlantium UV is revolutionizing the Power & Energy industry and Heavy Industrial Plants with demonstrated applications at US Bureau of Reclamation Dams on the Colorado River and by EPRI:
Non-Chemical Mussel and AIS Control - prevents them from clogging the pipes
Non-Chemical Dechlorination - of boiler feedwater and make-up water

No more hazardous chemicals, no more SBS. Atlantium UV is a non-corrosive solution safe for water and the environment. Validated to US EPA criteria, proven in dams and power plants, it does not require an NPDES permit.  Check it out.


Feel free to contact us:

Dennis Bitter
Director of Sales N.America (West Coast)
Power, Energy & Industrial
(714)305 6111 mobile
(941)923 9990 office

Paul Shields 
Director of Sales N.America (East Coast)
Power, Energy & Industrial
(215)920 0237 mobile

Shimon Peretz 
Director for Europe
Power, Energy & Industrial 
+972-54-491 8282 mobile