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Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring

User-friendly Integrated software

  • Documentation & quality assurance you need
  • Full measurement suite, including condition of components and off-spec tracking
  • Full exception reporting, alarms & alerts, security suite
  • Push-of-a button compliance reports for US EPA and local disinfection credits
  • Knows when you're on- or off-spec
Real-time control
  • Two sensors per lamp continuously measure the 3 parameters that affect the correct UV dosage in real time
  • The control system automatically adjusts lamp power
  • The unit always provides the minimum required dose
  • User-customized alarms and warnings
Real-time monitoring
  • Real-time status display of critical parameters
  • View the data and print reports from your own computer


Atlantium UV monitor showing EPA validated water disinfection screen
EPA-compliant UV dose configuration screen. Click to enlarge.