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Non-Chemical Biofouling, Dechlorination & Disinfection Control

Atlantium Hydro-Optic™ (HOD) UV technology is an effective and sustainable alternative to chemical biofouling, dechlorination and disinfection methods.

HOD UV provides a physical disinfection process to minimize the membrane biofouling potential by reducing and/or eliminating anaerobic and aerobic bacterial growth. The operational impacts of biofouling on RO membranes include frequent membrane element replacement costs, production loss and increased energy costs. HOD UV is a cost-effective treatment approach that saves clients the costs associated with chemical use, CIP, RO membrane replacement, and regeneration cycles for the demineralizers.

HOD UV technology decomposes the free chlorine oxidant in process water to protect RO membranes and other chlorine-sensitive equipment in power, energy and industrial facilities. As a non-chemical dechlorination treatment approach the use of HOD UV does not act as a food source for microbes like SBS/SMBS neutralization. Additionally, HOD UV does not require the handling, storage and operational requirements of chemically-based treatment approaches.

HOD UV allows clients to eliminate the use of biocides and achieve non-chemical disinfection by employing an easy-to-use and maintain system.