NVI Type Approval


Atlantium receives final type approval from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI).




NVI 2016 Fish Health Report


Third party validation of UV sysems

tl_files/cms_contents/industries/Aquaculture/epa.pngThe only way to ensure that a UV system can actually deliver a certain UV dose, in a range of water flows and UVT, is by having it validated according to an internationally recognized validation protocol. The most widely accepted validation protocols are EPA (USA), DVGW (Germany), and ÖNORM (Austria). Third party validation is difficult to obtain, as the UV system needs to qualify for a variety of technical and operational requirements, which, in addition, certifies the UV system's monitoring sensors and overall disinfection performance. Since validation is an arduous and complex process, only certain specialized independent institutions can actually perform it. Once the validation is given to a UV system, official documents will be produced to certify the scope and range of the validated systems. Always ask to receive and carefully examine the validation documents of the UV system. Be aware of claims, made by UV providers, about in-house performance assurance or bio-dosimetric tests, as these can often be misleading and incorrect, and the UV system will simply fails to provide the required UV dose. 

Always ask for the official validation documents, stating the validation protocol, scope of validation, and the UV system which was validated. ISO, ISF-51, ISF-55, EPA registration and FDA are NOT third party validations.