Lamp Status Monitor (LSM)

What is a Lamp Status Monitor (LSM)? it is an intensity sensor that converts light energy to its proportional electrical power. Its operation, In fact, is very similar to that of solar panels that convert energy from the sun to electrical power.


Cross-section of the Atlantium systems: each lamp is monitored directly through the air by a dedicated sensor.  

A real LSM measures lamp output, at the relevant spectrum for UV disinfection, directly at the light source and not through the water or any other medium. This definition is extremely important in order to understand the proper function of the LSM: in most UV systems a light intensity sensor is either placed or used in the system in such a way which neither gives reliable information, or information which can be translated into useful operational information critical for operation of the UV system. The rule of thumb is simple: a single LSM should only account for a single light source. Here are some examples of LSMs commonly found in conventional UV systems:

UV system is designed with an LSM per lamp which monitors the lamp status through the water:

In such UV systems, the LSM monitors both the light emitted by the lamp but at the same time, also the UVT. It cannot determine if a decline in light energy comes from lamp defficiency or decline in the UVT.

UV system has a single LSM which monitors several lamps through the water:

In such UV systems, a single light sensors is installed to monitors seeral lamps and is inadequate to determine which of the lamps is a deficient one, or if there has been a decline in the UVT. 

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Control and monitoring issues in UV systems using a single LSM to monitor multiple UV lamps

UV system has a single LSM which looks at lamps tail only via the water:

As in #1 and #2 above, no matter where the senosor is postioned in the UV systems--front, back, up or down, a single UV intensity sensor cannot give reliable informaiton when monitoring several light sources. 

UV system has an electrical feedback sensor indicating lamp ‘ON’ and lamp power consumption:

Always remember that an LSM measures 'Output' light energy and converts it into 'Input' electrical power and not not the other way around!