One pass treatment.
Always ahead of the wave.

Purestream™ One Pass, future-proof,
high-end UV solution for Ballast Water Systems

Purestream™ UV Technology

Any water type, any conditions

UV based

All water types

Harshest water conditions

20 micron filter

Flag: Norwegian

Any water type, any conditions

Slide UV based Slide All water type Slide Harshest water conditions Slide 20 micron filter Slide Flag: Norwegian

A leader in UV treatment solutions, Atlantium Technologies takes water safety to levels never before achieved with other UV systems or chemicals, providing ship owners with a sustainable, measurable treatment option for Ballast Water Treatment (BTW).

Meeting the highest regulatory standards, PureStream™ One Pass™ IMO Marine Water System offers a one-pass (single treatment) during ballasting.

Half the time, energy & effort required for compliance

As technology innovators and owners, Atlantium has extensive experience in critical applications and processes and vast regulatory experience in both formulating (what?) and compliance.

33% of ballast water management systems (BWMS) fail in performance testing.
With Purestream™ One Pass, You Pass Every Time.

With more than 20 years of water-technology expertise solving the toughest water treatment challenges serving Tier One companies such Coca Cola, Pfizer, Kimberly-Clark, Haifa Marine Shipping and ZIM around the globe, Atlantium has a global infrastructure and more than 3,500 installations worldwide.

Premium solution at a competitive price

Always pass the most stringent standards & tests

Chosen by the
US Navy

Chosen by the US
Bureau of Reclamation

Highest virus validation
by the EPA

USCG 46 CFR Subchapters

With Purestream you always have peace of mind

Leading standard

Made by experts to lead the way in BWT

Headache free

Designed to work so smoothly you won’t know it’s there – no fuss operation, minimal maintenance

Future Ready

Designed so you won’t be at risk for non-compliance