A Non-Chemical Control of Pathogenic Organisms

Atlantium’s Hydro-Optic™ (HOD) UV provides facilities with an energy efficient disinfection solution for hot water system and non-chemical control of pathogenic organisms such a Legionella. It eliminates the potential of corrosion and disinfection byproducts formation associated with chemical disinfection while also positively effecting heat exchanger performance.

The Value of UV for Legionella Control in Cooling Towers

Excessive growth of Legionella in cooling towers and water systems can cause significant negative health effects. In this comparative study, Atlantium’s proprietary medium-pressure HOD UV technology was evaluated and determined to achieve 100% mortality of Entamoeba Histolytica (E. histolytica) at a dose of 8.8 mJ/cm2 systems.

Atlantium Market Insight Hospitals

Atlantium’s HOD UV technology provides hospitals with water biosecurity and enhanced efficiency for their cooling tower, hot water, potable water, and wastewater treatment systems without the use of chemicals.